Sublingual Coluracetam

Custom nootropics from uBrain

Coluracetam is a powerful nootropic — a supplement shown to improve memory and thought — with benefits for anxiety, depression, and eyesight.

About Us

We took the powerful coluracetam and suspended it in a pharmaceutical grade liquid glycerin, along with a choice of flavours, in a measured dose to make taking it as easy as possible. The discreet bottle provides all the benefits of sublingual dosing without the fuss or harsh taste of powders. Coluracetam enhances sensory perception, creativity, and motivation, by increasing acetylcholine levels in the brain. We test our coluracetam for purity to make sure it's both safe and excellent quality — you'll be able to see our latest tests or find batch information in a few weeks here.
  • A Powerful Nootropic

    Coluracetam speeds up the flow of Acetylcholine in the brain to help you think faster and more creatively.
  • Improved Eyesight

    Coluracetam was named after the effect it has on the vividness of colours and shapes.
  • Mood Support

    Coluracetam has been shown to improve anxiety and depression without affecting serotonin.